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Artificial Intelligence and Its Role in ...

Using AI as an assistant in such situations could certainly be a great help for the radiologist, as AI is trained to...


Telehealth Trends in the Time of COVID-19

Now more than ever, those working in medicine need to adapt rapidly to build infrastructure that seamlessly integrates...


A Jarring Realization: Can AI Impact Disc ...

More accurate diagnoses may be aided by the use of technology able to provide objectively quantifiable tools. AI will...


Pixel Art - How To Master Medical Image Labelling

While using annotation software that does not compute pixel value interpolation, we are able to work with the original...

Home Office

Can you hear me?

Problems that occur daily in the home office during corona virus


As Coronavirus Storm Accelerates, So Do AI-Driven ...

Now, as COVID-19 strains the world’s medical infrastructure, so too will AI algorithms and solutions be put to the test.

Home Office

Working Without Missing a Beat

Home office of data scientists and software engineers in the coronavirus COVID-19 epidemic


«Same Difference»

Natural language provides a lot of flexibility, variety and therefore vague formulations.


Do You Think You May Have COVID-19? Ask CovBot

Through a series of questions, the CVOID-19 chatbot can gather information about your specific circumstances and...


Have No Fear, AI Is Here!

AI streamlines the clinical workflow of radiologists by highlighting potentially critical findings that should be read...


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