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Spine, the newest back stabber

the many different ways to describe which spine segment the pathology refers to.


From Outer Space to Inner Spine: An Interview ...

An Interview with an Astrophysicist Turned Data Scientist

3D printing

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and ...

3D printing technologies have also come along the way over the past decade and have been used in various areas,...

Care and Feeding of a Neural Net

training a neural net has often been compared to teaching a toddler. Some commonalities:


MRI Scanner Goes Mobile

The portable MRI allows an easy access to critical MRI imaging services, especially for patients in rural areas and...


“A small change for a word, but a big change for ...

How big the impact of a small “error” in the model can be.


Six Degrees of Covid-19

Fortunately, Covid symptoms themselves offer some clues that are being successfully analyzed by artificial intelligence.


Can you shorten everything?

Now, I want to show you how it is possible to write lists of compounds in a shorter version in German – which is the...

ECR 2020

Virtual Congress: Practical Learning from ECR 2020

European Congress of Radiology (ECR), the second largest radiological meeting in the world, would not be canceled but...


The Lexicon of Ligaments: Understanding Knee ...

ACL sprains are common in a wide range of sports activities, and the characteristic loud pop, sudden instability, and...


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